My passion is make up and styling

My name is Melanie Mayerhofer.

How did it all start?

My career in karate made it possible for me to travel around the world and meet different cultures, which inspired me. That experience was the crucial part of my makeup journey and my decision to become a makeup artist. Being able to see the beauty in every person is an extraordinary feeling.

What happened next?

In the city of Vienna, I completed a makeup course by Gianni Colores. Immediately after that, I got the opportunity to work for the world-renowned makeup brand Mac Cosmetics. Due to the high demand for makeup services and photoshoots, I decided to start my own business. Today, I am living my dream and working as a recognized makeup artist for weddings, TV, film production, and many other occasions.
More about me

My hobbies and passion


“Choose the job you love and you won’t have to work for a day in your life.”


I have been training karate since I was five years old. While being a member of Austria national karate team I became a multiple national champion as well as European champion. Today I am sharing my knowledge with younger people and kids.

Dancing (Bachata, Salsa…)

I enjoy Latin American rhythm and the feeling I have while dancing.